It’s Gone! $800 Million and it’s likely to be $1.8 Trillion dollars. Chirlane DeBlasio, wife of Mayor Bill DeBlasion was in charge of it and Chirlane can’t account for it. Something about not being an accountant so how would she know what happened to the $800 Million? And it ‘s not her money so why would she worry about it? Chirlane is of Barbadian and St. Lucian descent, but traces her grandmother’s last name (Quashie) to Ghana. Rihanna is from Barbados.

Beginning in February 2019, Politico criticized ThriveNYC headed by Chirlane for having an “opaque budget” and “elusive metrics”. In a March 2019 article on ThriveNYC, The New York Times reported: “Public health officials credit the plan for drawing attention to mental health… At the same time, some initiatives failed to get started, while others placed unrealistic demands on already strained mental health services”. The Times added: “A spreadsheet of nearly 500 data points tracked by City Hall included almost none related to patient outcomes”.

ThriveNYC drew harsh criticism over allegations of mismanagement and accusations that it had failed to produce records of tangible results. As of March 2019, nearly $850 million in funding for McCray’s mental health program was unaccounted for; furthermore, the program was on track to spend $1 billion over five years. Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres criticized ThriveNYC, stating that there was “no evidence it’s working”. A lot of things don’t work in her ancestral lands but corruption isn’t one of them.  

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