The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down the state’s stay-at-home order, ruling that the governor’s administration overstepped its authority when it shut down schools and nonessential businesses through the end of May to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

** The same thing should happen in Pennsylvania.

The 5-4 decision by the conservative court, which called the order “invalid” and “unenforceable,” gives Democratic Gov. Tony Evers until May 20 to come up with an alternative plan with the Republican-controlled state Legislature. If there’s no agreement, it could be left up to individual counties to decide on their own rules.

*** Bucks County Needs To Step Up And OPen Up……

The ruling, a major win for state Republicans who have pushed for reopenings, adds to a growing national patchwork of regulations governing where residents can go and what they can do as different regions lift some restrictions and clamp down on others.

In New Jersey, residents can go to drive-in movies, church services and other “gatherings of vehicles” starting Wednesday, and curbside retail will resume within days, the governor announced.

In Louisiana, restaurants can open their doors over the weekend to a quarter of their former capacity, with reservations-only dining in New Orleans.

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