Why did Jay Carney, Prez Obama’s pressman say: “the US is ‘fully capable’ of defending itself against  nuclear attack by North Korea”? Because Obama has weakend America’s military so much that Americans know pipsqueak Kim Jong Un can attack with nuclear weapons. Obama has divulged more secret security info to Russia than Kim Philby. On May 10, 2010 the stupid Obama administration revealed  the size of the American nuclear arsenal — 5,113 weapons. (Wash Post). Then Sec. State Hillary said: “the world was at a “crossroads” and faced a frightening “new wave of proliferation.” The only way to avoid it was by strengthening global non-proliferation rules, she said. Great. Dumb move by the dumb Prez is matched by the dumber move by ‘ole Hill”.

In 1967 America had 31,255, nuc’s so America has 26,142 fewere nuc’s and North Korea has how many? Russia? Even Pakistan has nuc’s but Obama wants to destroy exactly 5,113 more, all belonging to America. And how many did other country’s destroy? None. How many did other countries build? Neither dumb or dumber will reveal that but they betrayed Great Britain and told Putin how many nuc’s the Queen had.

Kimmiesan didn’t bother to consult with the U.N. before threatening America. He didn’t form a coalition before his announcement and don’t be surprised if ‘lil Kimmy attacks South Korea. America’s most dangerous president has made America a more dangerous place and the world is more dangerous because of this disfunctional nitwit. Better buy more bullets because Obama won’t protect you. He needs to be Impeached.


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