” …..  immigrants escaping war zones and seeking refuge in Europe, only to be met with hostility. “We are scared. And if we are frightened, we are going to be aggressive. That’s human nature. If we do not understand something, better to attack than have a dialogue.

“This is why I support the European Union. It doesn’t matter if the EU is bureaucratic, it’s about peace. In the past 100 years, Europe has had so many wars, so many people killed, so many villages burned. Europe is a crazy continent. Nazism was a European idea. Communism was a European idea. I am so happy we are not at war – but remember what happened only 30 years ago in Yugoslavia? Evil is just sleeping, I always say, and it’s very easy to wake it up.” That was said by the director of the movie The Painted Bird, Václav Marhoul.

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