Ya just gotta love those cations.


“The article presents new aspects of reactivity of two pentacyanoferrates: [Fe(CN)5NO]2− and [Fe(CN)5N(O)SR]3−. The dependence of thermodynamic functions on cations was found for the reaction between nitroprusside and thiolate. The thermodynamic data are interpreted in terms of ion pairing and changes in the solvation shell of the cations. It was found that the reaction enthalpies and entropies depend strongly on the cation radius. The reaction volume in turn is strongly affected by the structure and properties of the hydration shell. Careful data analysis allowed the contribution of partial cation dehydration to the total reaction volume to be determined. The experimental results were also interpreted in terms of chemical logic gates. Complex logic systems were built from a number of cells containing a switching compound arranged in different geometric patterns. Increasing the dimensionality of these arrangements leads to really complex logic systems containing up to 20 AND and OR logic gates. The system is capable of processing up to 16 bits of input data.” from Chemistry

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