Whoops… Most people cannot read “Differential Equations with Linear Algebra”, so if it supports America’s Race War Against White People it’s rather useless. It does however show one element of race, — mathamatical ability of a high order which can be comprehended by a lot of white people but not by certain of the other races. Math is not about good and evil or right and wrong. It’s the process to use various elements of the physical word and to show the relationships among them. Math would be useful in the race wars if it applied to people but it doesn’t except as people inhabit relationships. Differential Equations are incomprehensible to most people but the people to which those special equations are useful are among the higher thinkers of the various races. 

Diff equations can be taught to people of any race but some people cannot learn them. In his book “The Bell Curve” author Charles Murray and co-author Richard J. Herrnstein, now deceased, uncovered data that showed the differences in intelligence by race. In the book “Human Diversity” Murray went further into race differences. All people are equal but, as Human Diversity explores and explains, all groups of people are not the same. The race problem in America is that different races are required by law to do something that’s almost impossible, get along. Many people don’t want

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