He kissed a** over Cuba and is about to do it in Venezuela. He’s far weaker than Vladimir Putin as he surrenders to every anti-American, anti-Capitalist he can with salvation from him getting closer and closer but his damage to freedom isn’t finished. Obama is in full punishment mode against America, Europe and Israel. He’s a master of evocative statements that carry no substance.

Why did he surrender to pipsqueak Castro and gift the Castro boys the beneficence of America by removing sanctions but getting no quid pro quo. The best thing for the Cuban people is an American passport and a ticket to Miami. Will the Castro boys issue visa’s to the United States? What’s next? Give the Castro boys Guantanamo? How much reparations will Obama pay them for the privilege of helping degrade America? How much does it cost to buy a traitor? In the special case of Barack Obama, nothing.

Quickly after Obama’s military withdrawal from Iraq, Islamic militants renewed their barbaric campaign of terror, seizing Iraqi territory, wiping out much of the security gains achieved through the loss of thousands of American lives in that country and stopping freedom in it’s tracks, thanks to Barack Obama.

American troops decisively won the war in Iraq. And just as decisively, Obama threw away that victory. Nixon did the identical thing in Vietnam which is now 100% Communist, just like Cuba. Once again, American values and virtues lose. America needs some George Washington type patriots.

Go back to his acceptance speech in 2008. He was full of evocative statements wit no content. He never said what he was going to do. He’s unaccountable. He’s unchallengeable. He needs to resign because he sold out America in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Cuba and Venezuela’s next. He’ll pay for Socialist’s to run countries free from America or from the presence of Liberty.

From American Thinker: “Obama is the anti-Reagan. He is the anti-Lincoln and the anti-Truman. Reagan, Lincoln, and Truman never lost track of the moral high ground. This administration has never found it.”

What motivates Obama is a bitter hatred for all that is good and decent in America. It is an inversion of values, driven by demagogues like Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright. That is why Obama concedes everything to Putin and Iran’s Rouhani, and condemns Israel and America for their basic moral values. This is the administration of revanchisme, the philosophy of revenge.

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