The most off-putting person on the planet has been nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize by two bat-crap crazy Left Wingnut Swedish professors. Can it get nuttier, more mentally deranged than that? Probably not. There are people out there that are as bad as Tintin but are not as off-putting to look at. Hillary… Elizabeth Warren


This is Greta’s holy grail. She want’s to,… well, it’s rather uncertain what she actually want’s except to have her wish granted that nothing in nature is distrubed. She doesn’t realize every breath she takes changes the natural order of the atmosphers. Every breath changes the composition of the air. Every breath takes oxygen away from the planet and puts carbon dioxide into it. Every fire removes oxygen and puts carbon monoxide into it. Greta Tintin is against fire and whether or not she knows or admits it she is against breathing which is necessary for the life of every breathing entity including humans and including her. But she also is ignorant of another process, the need of plants to use carbon dioxide… Plants need carbon dioxide which is poisonous to humans to live.

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