Meghan has little idea what she got into. She’s not English, has a lousy record of getting along with people, has a poor family example of getting along and little experience not getting what she wants. She’s headed for a crash landing. It’s Meghan vs the Queen who is far more experienced in the ways of the world. Royalty is far different than commoner. Meghan is fortunate she married Harry but Harry isn’t so experienced in ways of royalty that he can handle Meghan. Instead, he’s been going along with Meghan who so far has made major mis-steps and for her it’s easier for Harry to get back into the good graces of the Queen by giving up on Meghan.

Harry’s been smitten. Happens a lot. Might not end well in the near term but there are plenty of women out there and Meghan can only do so much. Harry has a son but he also has a grandmother who’s been around the block a few hundred times more than Meghan. Color Meghan gone.

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