Note: Iran held 52 Americans hostage for over a year. It’s not a safe place for non-insane people.

A war on Iran is not a war on Islam. The Popes tried to do that and it failed. President Trump merely killed some bad people. He did not attack a country.. maybe he should and maybe he will but for now he didn’t.

Assassinating the leaders of terrorist organizations — i.e., non-state actors, such as Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — did not lead to a greater war footing against the USA because, as terrorist organization leaders, not heads of state, they are automatically considered rogue, even by sovereign state leaders sympathetic to their goals. No nation will go to war because Solaimani was killed.

The Iranians were crucial in the bombing of the U.S. military barracks in Lebanon (1983), the bombing of the Khobar Towers and American troops in Saudi Arabia (1996), the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998), the bombing of the USS Cole (2000), and the attack on the World Trade Center (2001). The Iranians have been in an undeclared war with the U.S. since the ayatollahs and their religiously inspired and power-mad henchmen took over the reins of government from the despotic but pro-American Shah in the seventies.

Obama’s deal with Iran was a bad, full blown appeasement and bribery of Iran like the appeasement of Iran by Pres. Jimmy Carter.  (It is worth noting here that billions of dollars of frozen bank accounts were released to Iran by pussilanmous Carter as an important part of the deal for the hostage release on January 20, 1981.)  Despite violent aggression against the U.S. by Iran, America’s leaders have continued to look the other way in order to avoid a wider conflict with Iran that might threaten American ally Israel as well as American interests or lead to conflict with other non-Shiite players in the Muslim world who might be offended or incensed by our retaliation.

By assassinating Soleimani, President Trump has broken with the conventional wisdom regarding the need to appease Iran in its covert war against the U.S.   9/11 was a game-changer that has never been properly acknowledged by the USA.  The Trump administration has been taking a more proactive and pro-America policy line in foreign affairs.  Diplomatic flatulence has been replaced by a policy of emphatic belligerence on behalf of America’s safety and prosperity. If Iran lashes out there will be serious and deadly consequences by which Iran may be destabilized and America will be more dafe.

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