The total vote against Deon was 1,308. Deon received only 1,018 so the conclusion is that Deon was fortunate that the anti-Deon vote was split, otherwise I would have won the Republican Primary Election against the massive 50 person official Republican organization.

“Poor Sport” describes Deon’s attitude and a feeling of guilt iseems evident in his post election comments to a Courier Times reporter where he missed the fact that he received 1,018 votes and instead decided to give me a negative post-election shot. He forgot to thank those who supported him. That’s a lack of manners. Then, I suppose Deon had some kind of guilty feeling about all of the DUMP DEON signs and the Bill O’Neill Campaign signs that were stolen so he said ” …he (Deon) didn’t touch the signs or authorize anyone to remove them.” Who said he did? Not me. Who said anyone officialy authorized stealing my signs? I never thought or said that. Who took over 300 Bill O’Neill and DUMP DEON signs? Someone knows and perhaps Deon knows more but another essential fact is that very few of his signs were put up and there were no reports to the police that any Deon signs were missing. Why would anyone want his six year old signs anyhow? They are mundane, boring, trite and common. They used boring white with Democrat Blue letters. My signs used a brillliant fire engine red, the correct color for Republican campaign signs.My signs were innovative in layout, attractive in appearance and the “DUMP DEON” signs were called “hilarious”. One young man who witnessed the removal of the large DUMP DEON sign from the polling place Village Shires on election morning by some establishment Republicans, (one vocal committeeperson shouted that she moved it because it was “inappropiate”  and the Judge of elections agreed with her and they refused to re-erect the DUMP DEON sign), the young man said quietly: “I saw the sign. It was epic.” Putting a bit of humor in a boring campaign should be encoraged and I tried to do that.

There are two reports from me to the Northampton police and the Lower Southampton police about the missing 4 foot by 4 foot “DUMP DEON” sign that was ripped off it’s oak supports and destroyed. The Courier Times also knows about it and so do people who helped me put up it and four other large “DUMP DEON” SIGNS. A witness apparently heard hammers hitting the sign the night it was stolen. The large  “DUMP DEON” sign that was in front of the polling place at Village Shires was ruthlessly pulled up and covered with a large Deon sign. One of the workers in the polling place admitted ripping it out of the ground. Northampton Constable Raymond Brown forced the political operatives to put my “DUMP DEON” sign where I had placed it and told them not to touch a political sign. He did the same at Holland Elementry school where a high ranking Northampton official was observed pulling up Bill O’Neill signs. Constable Brown performed an intervention and made the politicians put my signs back where I put them. 

The large “DUMP DEON” that was put  up at St. Johns voting place was stolen and put up at Jacksonville and Almshouse house the night of the election. When I found it and went to collect it I found it had been busted into three pieces. Poor sportsmanship by some very misguided people is not unusual in other less affluent areas but it’s disgraceful because it gives so many people a bad reputation. Most adults learn the rules of proper behavior at an early age but in the May 17th primary some small-minded people who will cheat to win brought more disgrace to an already corrupt township goverment.

The people know about the corruption so I ask all of the decent Republicans, that means the vast majority of our neighbors, to help Deon retire from Northampton government. He isn’t good at doing the job and he’s under too much stress because of it. The best thing the friends of his can do is to encourage him to resign.

Good sportsmanship requires Deon to apologize for his rather bizzare behavior and post -election comments. Good sense would make a normal person realize their mistakes and try to correct them. Not Deon. He wnts to work harder doing, I suppose what he’s done in the past. That’s why O’Neill/Russell got more votes than him. It’s also why the Democrats are in position to win the Supervisor seat in November.

One commentor used “Dump” as though it was Deon’s first name. LOL.

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