The saying is on a wall in the basement of the 9/11 memorial and it has a double meaning. It means we will not forget the murderers of 9/11 and it also means we will not forget those who were murdered.

Nineteen bastards hijacked four passenger filled aircraft, flew two into the World Trade Center buildings and murdered almost three thousand innocent civilians in the name of their religion. We have their names. They will neither be forgiven nor forgotten. Their souls are in hell. To them our eternal middle finger.

The 2,944 murdered victims and almost 6,000 injured will not be forgotten. We mourn them and in that mourning condemn the 19 bastards who caused this crime against humanity and the false ideology that informed their stupidity. It is an ongoing tragedy that the cause of 9/11 is still practiced. Visit the 9/11 memorial as often as possible to honor the victims and condemn the perps and their false ideology.

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