What’s up with John Forbes Kerry? Getting it so wrong when it comes to the proof that there’s no Global Warming after all is without a good excuse and plenty of bad reasons he made such massive mistakes on temperatures.

He also said it’s better to make the mistake that there is Global Warming when there isn’t.

Why is it better to be wrong? Kerry has lots of experience being wrong. He was wrong about Viet Nam.

He threw his Military medals over the White House fence to protest something about the war in Viet Nam. So he was either wrong to accept them in the first place or he changed his mind and was wrong to throw them away. He was wrong. Just like he’s wrong about climate change.

Here’s the problem with doing something about Global Warming when it’s not a problem. It wastes all kinds of  fuel, especailly coal, oil, gas which are not used. It replaces energy with much more expensive forms of energy, like solar panels, windmills, & geothermal units which are far more expensive and far less efficient.

That costs jobs. It lowers the life styles of middle and poor people who cannot afford many things Kerry takes for granted because his wife in astoundingly rich.

Kerry doesn’t care. Maybe he’s not as dumb as he acts but why listen to anyone who wants to do the wrong things?   




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