America is a nation composed mainly of mogrels. President Trump for example is combination of German and Scottish. Barack Obama’s mother was American and his father Kenyan. Tiger Woods mother was Asian and his father was African-American. Mixed heritages, mongrels all. Where is America going? Less and less white, meaning less and less European and more and more mongrel. Will America remain great? Yes because the defining character of America is not race or culture based. America is a new kind of culture because it’s based on an idea not on ancestors. the idea is Individual Liberty. At the moment the dominant pathology is Socialist but the underlying pathology is individualist. The clash of these ideologies will drive America to the Right from the Left where it is now. It however will go further Left until enough leaders appear to drive America back to the Right. America doesn’t stand in the middle. It was founded on Individualism but was mongrelized into a combination of Individualism and Communitarianism. Marx appeared midway through and gave verasity to the Left but that won’t last because its a wrong ideology. Only individuals are produced. Only individualism can survive because of the impulses of individual feelings.

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