A March on Washington is being planned for the Second day of the Second month, Feb. 2, 2013.

Feb. 2 is a Saturday.

It’s from 12 Noon til 3PM

It’s on the mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital.

It’s to tell Obama to Back Off from his further weakening of the Second Amendment.

It’s to tell Obama to increase the number, types, sizes, capacities  and varieties of Arms.

It’s to tell Obama to at least broaden the number of semi-automatic, full automatic, sub-machine guns, machine pistols, C4, Semtex explosives and others containing RDX and PETN available to the people.

 The 2nd Amendment comprehends such item under the concept of “ARMS”.

 It’s getting tiresome arguing about the types of rifles and the size of the bullets when the 2nd Amendment surely covers far more ground. The founders could have but did not use the words “muskets and pistols”. They knew “ARMS” meant cannon, mortars, shrapnel loaded charges, Ships of the Main, Arsenals, Forts  and everything the Colonials used to beat the British Army and Navy. They did not wish to forbid “Assault Weapons”. To think that way is an insult to the revolution and a betrayal of the Revolution. I’m not that shallow an American. Neither should you be.

How many people will you be able to sign up for the bus leaving from Oxford Valley Mall at 7:30 AM?

Better start clearing your calendar for the Second.

Bus, Train, Car, Come out to show your support for the 2nd.

The Hand Symbol to support the Second Amendment is the sign for the number two.

The Hand Symbol is also the same as the sign for peace but with the back of your hand showing to the people.

The Hand Symbol is also the V For Victory sign, again, with the back of the hand out, just like the symbol for Number Two.

Bumper Sticker: Make it yourself. The number 2, as big as you want.

Get a piece of duct tape, make a big “2”, color it in or fill it in with a felt tip marker and put it in a corner of a window on your car or on your bumper.

Support the 2nd. Put two’s all over the place.

 Click on this to see a sign.

Save the 2nd amendment_8_5x11


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