He’s a little bit off on the gun thing. We know the problems with gun violence comes from the bad people who have illegal guns. Why Don’t Obama and the Democrats confiscate the guns from the bad people first? Take the guns away from the bad people first.  Why not confiscate the guns from the felons? Plenty of felons get illegal guns and use them everyday to commit crimes. Why not take their guns?

Is Obama afraid too many of the people who voted for him will lose their illegal guns? Are the bad people with guns not going to vote for him if he takes away their illegal guns? Is that why this idiot is going after good gun owners who commit no crimes and follow the law? The man has screws loose if he thinks the good people will just quietly march into the police stations and hand over their guns like the Australians and the British did.

Besides, neither the British nor the Australians had a Second Amendment like America does. Obama does not have the power he thinks he has to take away the guns from the innocent gun owners. OTOH, everyone agrees criminals shouldn’t have guns so here’s what to tell Obama. Go get them. Leave us alone.

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