Obama wrote a book: “The Audacity of Hope” where he rejects the basis of truth itself. He elaborates a child-like wonder in his almost too simple cliche’d book. Obama sees the world as either/or. Resist or compromise. Republicans are bad, Democrats are good or Democrats are reasonable and Republicans are not. On page 111, Line 26 he writes “Implicit” in the Constitution “was the rejection of absolute truth”. Obama also wrote: “the Constitutional text doesn’t restrain us much at all”. P109, L27. That this man is President should cause the Electoral College to reject him as the winner of the last Presidential election.

Obama is a man who’s growing up still needs to happen. His reason has not reached maturity, despite an elaborate, expensive education. He’s had the records sealed but Wikipedia reports he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law at age 30.  He hides his values and his education well. “Audacity of Hope” almost has more cliches than prose. One wonders if he was a beneficiary of Social Promotions.

Or are his records sealed because he declared himself a Kenyan to help him get student loans, student aid or other favors courtesy of the American Rich who pay most of the taxes? Unless we can see the sealed records we have a right to our conclusions.

Here’s a man with more advantages than the Kings of the World yet he has few, contradictory, or no answers. That’s one of the messages from the book. So far it’s a disrupted, almost a disturbed summary of America’s history told in terms of slavery. Most people have more to do with their lives than rehash the tired “three fifth’s of a man” idea. Not Obama. Look. Most people are right-handed. The outliers are left-handed. A few are ambidextrous. Obama  is left handed therefore he’s predominantly right brained. He runs on feelings, emotion and intuition while almost abandoning the right-brain sequential, reasoned, logical approach. He needs more growing up but with his “Audacity” that’s not happening. Too bad for us.

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