” It looks like Trump and Giuliani’s efforts to intimidate and bully the former Ukrainian ambassador went much farther than publicly known” blared a false headline on Yahoo. “Intimidate and bully” are conclusions, not facts.

Marie Yovanovitch was the former US ambassador to Ukraine…. Trump fired her after she refused to do what she was supposed to do which is to follow the orders from her supervisor. She should have resigned if she believed she could not follow orders from the President of the United States instead of trying to defy him. She was immediatcly replaced with Tatiana C. Gfoeller who speaks seven languages, something Yovanovich could not do.


Refused to Obey Her Supervisor

Yovanovitch is Russian at heart because her parents were actual Russians who raised her to speak Russian as her only language. Ukraine is under immense pressure from Putin and Russia and needed an Ambassador who could oppose Putin and Russia and support Ukraine. Yovanovitch could not do any of those three basic things so she had to be replaced which is what President Trump did.

Tatiana C. Gfoeller is a far more qualified and stronger American diplomat to represent America and the ideas of it’s president, Donald Trump to Ukraine.

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