One of the Directors is fininished. Good. A new face should appear at the next meeting.  You may know the Chairman, after discussing his response to the director who was involved with some kind or kinds of assaults, actually two were mentioned at the meeting, recommended the outgoing director be re-appointed. What a bone-head idea. The outgoing director didn’t contribute to the betterment of the sewer system. Never had an original thought about improving the sewers. Actually stopped an approved repair of damage caused by the authority for no reason. Couldn’t explain why the sewer rate was increased 25%. Oh, he talked on and on. Showed an exhibit. Didn’t have one calculation to back up increase, just the tired old reason “our costs went up.” Imagine not knowing something as basic as how many dollars did the cost increase. Of course with info like “the actual dollar amounts” the increase can be explained. Unless the increase is not justified. then there’s no amount of talk that can justify it. That’s why it’s good riddence and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

The departing director is just another political stunt who’s also been involved with two assaults that I reported to the Northampton police. Four assault incidents. Not a coincidence? No. Most people are never involved with assaults. Some, like me, report assaults on them. I’ve never had the police investigate me for initiating an assault. So why did the chairman recommend re-appointment? It can’t be because there is no one else to replace the outgoer. There are 40,000 people in Northampton. The chairman must have no imagination or curiosity if he thinks there is no one else to do the job.

My prediction is someone capable will be appointed within a few days.

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