12/2/2012. Obama want’s to increase taxes but because that will slow down the economy he wants to spend more. He wants continue the Social Security Tax at 10.4%. He counts that as a tax cut. Two years ago the Social Security Tax was 12.4%. Today the employer pays 6.2% and the worker pays 4.2%. Obama wants to count the change from two years ago as lost revenue for the last two years. Obama never forgets a tax cut but he hates them. So he counts the tax cut twice. Two years worth and four more years worth. Then he wants to increase spending to offset the drag on the economy of his tax increase, the one he never counted. Obama is a master of what George Orwell called DoubleSpeak. GovernmentSpeak is the same as Double talk but Obama goes one step more. ObamaSpeak is the ability to use words to say nothing at all. ObamaWork is the ability to not work at all. Free cell phones but not for everybody, only those he wants to pay to vote for him. A second free cell phone if you vote against Romney. We saw the van in Philly that was giving out the free cell phones. Guess in which neighborhood it was.  

Obama counts on you to be dumb, to not get his double counting or his double talk. Dick Morris called him an empty man. Obama is full of something. Perhaps he’s full of empty. That would prove Morris correct and explain ObamaSpeak. He helps people by taxing them and hurts them by taxing them then he says his help is help and his hurt needs a stimulus. Either way he’s bad news for America.

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