They are not the best people or even the good people but some of the worst among us. In one of the worst ideas, Cory Booker who is friends with Oprah and Spike Lee, wants to control your freedom and liberty, not criminals who commit crimes, not the people who are out of control; not the people who are the worst among us and who kill because they are criminals who have insufficient respect for other people but the guns that have no capacity to think at all. It’s dumber than blaming gasoline for car homicides.But Boinker is known for saying dumb things. You may ask, how could someone who graduated Stanford, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and received a law degree from Yale, be called stupid. Well if you’ve watched his histrionics and shameless grandstanding that only a 9 year-old could buy into, you understand. But maybe it’s the hoards of idiots who actually believe his act that are the stupid ones. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Unfortunately because of our freedom for all, he is officially running for President. He’s been unofficially running for most of his political career. He uses racism and other hateful identity politics to continue to sew division among Americans where in New Jersey, as mayor of Newark, his constituents got what he was all about pretty quickly.

Booker grew up as a rich son of IBM executives in the white, leafy upper-class New Jersey suburb of Harrington Park—about an hour’s drive from Newark where the average income is $115,000 a year. The town is 84% white, 14% Asian, 2.57% Latino and .04% black. Since Cory is such a fan of race-based identity politics, we thought he would enjoy sharing that.

As mayor of Newark and having vowed to strengthen the police department, he instead cut it by 13 percent to help balance the city’s budget. Homicides and violent crime spiked dramatically. Unemployment rose and child poverty increased 32 percent. And all of this came at a price of a 20 percent tax hike for the city’s residents.