What does it matter at this point that the freedom for you to control what you think has been removed from America?

Thought Control is the message in the dystopian novel, “1984” It’s the theme of Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s “Harrison Bergeron”. Also check out “Brave New World”. Then think about what the NSA has been doing.

BTW, the NSA has been recording what you say on the telephone for decades. Not just the telephone numbers you call and who has called you, what you said.

Peggy Noonan almost gets there in her well-written article: “What We Lose if we Give Up Privacy in The Wall Street Journal. (Here).

This is a big, big deal. Federal control is far bigger than just the NSA’s snooping.  It extends into the townships and borough’s of sleepy America. Your local police were commandeered by Homeland Security years ago. How can that be proven? Recall the hunt for the Boston Bomber. Notice the local police departments who were being directed by the Federal Government. Was that a bad thing? No, not in that instance but the bad thing is the procedure that eliminated the local control of the police in your town. That’s gone forever and that’s a bad thing.

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