The intel knew as soon as it happened it was not a video inspired demonstration when the four Americans were murdered. So said General Petraeus, DCI of the CIA. So the Democrats invented something called “the intelligence” meaning what the CIA reported. But the CIA reported something Obama didn’t want revealed so the video was invented as a cover story.

It matters who told Susan Rice a video caused a demonstration. There was no mention of a video in the DCI’s Intel so Rice could not have concluded there was a video as she repeated at four TV show the Sunday following the Benghazi Attack. The invention of the video was the lie. The invention of the Video Lie is the key fact covering a conspiracy that is centered around Obama. The invention of the Video Lie is the key fact that must not be let go of in anything related to Benghazi. Just the invention of the lie is the first step in a deepening, disgusting conspiracy, worse than Watergate, meaning more people are involved. Nor did Nixon mislead the United Nations. And of course the inventor or inventors are the mystery that needs to be solved. Nothing else. Anyone who told the Video Lie is part of a conspiracy circling around Obama. The Intel, the attack, the murders are no longer the key issues. It’s the Video Lie, the circumstances and the people who knew about the Video Lie. that’s the only issue. That’s what’s important. Not Petraeus’s mistress. Not Jill Kelly or other distractions that are truly insignificant compared to the Video Lie rotating around Obama.

Who started the Video Lie? Someone started it. Someone invented it. The surprise is the lie is being investigated, not by the president but by a few Republican Representatives and here’s hoping they don’t weaken, that they’re not intimidated or coerced off the scent of this . Who started the Video Lie is the key question. It’s the only question and it needs an answer. If the White House isn’t involved, why did Obama repeat the Video Lie? It’s in his speech at the U.N. He repeated it. Either he knew it was false or he should have known. If Obama didn’t know it was false, who let him believe it was true? If he didn’t know what he was talking about at the U.N. he’s not in control of his administration, someone else is calling the shots. Or Obama is a bigger idiot, …. well he’s not stupid. If he was he would have an excuse but he’s among the smartest people on the planet. He knew.

If Obama did not know, he should be massively offended at whoever set him up. He was offended when Mitt Romney mentioned something everyone knows to be true, that 47% of the people who are collecting money from the government were not going to vote for Mitt Romney.

When someone makes a fool out of the president, the president should be outraged and demanding answers, not trying to change the narrative or claim it wasn’t him who started the Video Lie. The House hearings should be less important than the presidents own investigation. He’s in charge of the best investigators on the planet and he has plenty of them. He has Eric Holder the Attorney General and all of the assistant AG’s. He has Robert Mueller, head of the FBI and all of the FBI people. He has the investigators at the CIA. He has the investigators at the Department of Defense, the State Department, the  IRS, the investigators at ICE. How many investigators does Obama have? Probably 10,000. There are so many that no one really knows.  How namy do the House Republieans have? None. So where should the investigation about the source or sources of the Video Lie be? With the president. But if the president is the source of the Lie he knows where the investigations will lead so he must not only discourage investigations, he must purposely try to mislead them. That’s the Watergate Way. That’s what Nixon did wrong and it’s what Obama is doing wrong too. When will Obama stop misleading people. Never. Not ever. That’s not the Obama way. Never has been. The man is a disgrace as a role model except for power luster’s who are without moral compass to guide them.  

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