Of course in America we protect hate-speech because we want to find out what people think and believe so we can judge them as peaceful or fightful. Ilhan Omar has qualities that make her a target for hate. She knows that because she has said she hates Jews. That’s a lousy idea to hold. In an additional crazy person’s remarks Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told CNN that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) controversial remarks about Israel were “just part of a learning process.” What Omar will learn is to keep her mouth shut and we shouldn’t want her silenced. We need to hear what she’s thinking so we can judge her as good or evil. At the moment she’s not good. 

Ocasio-Cortez wrote: ….there should be “no special relationship or status” with regard to Israel. ” She’s dead wrong about that. Support for Israel a country surrounded by hostile countries that want to eliminate Israel and eliminate the Israeli people is no different that supporting France in WWII against NAZI Germany who wanted to eliminate the Jews back then. France had to be defended and supported just like Israel today. 

Ilhan Omar is Anti-Western to her core.  She rewards the generosity of the Americans toward the Somali-Muslim community by spitting  in our faces.

An ethnic group low on its share of geniuses but long on violence, the Minnesota Somalis have the disgraceful distinction of sending more men and boys to join foreign terrorist organizations such as al-Shabab and ISIS over the past dozen years than any other place in the country. And this, of course, is Omar’s district—why would we have any doubt that she will represent it against America faithfully?

Recently one of the first Somali policemen in Minnesota, Mohamed Mohamed Noor—with a name like that, what could go wrong?—was charged with murder in the 2017 shooting death of Justine Damond.

By background, religion, and upbringing Ilhan Omar is a dedicated enemy of America. She’s the camel’s nose under the tent to overthrow our democracy. As such, she’s a useful tool who is protected by her religion because it’s a religion, not because it’s Islam and by her ethnic origin in Somolia. Criticism of her immediately triggers accusations of racism and “hate.” Indeed, the resolution against anti-Semitism is now being rewritten to include denunciations of other forms of “hate speech”  instead of condemning the speaker of the hate.

It’s nasty business, although it’s impossible not to enjoy Pelosi’s discomfiture. In order to hang on to her gavel—because you just know the Republicans are going to “pounce” on this—Pelosi has to reduce the public profiles of the radicals lest the rest of America catch on to what the radicals are really up to. Once ‘San Fran Nan’ was the public face of the Democrats; now, among others, it’s Ilhan Omar, wearing a hijab.

Upon her arrival in Congress, Omar demanded—and got—a change in a 181-year House rule forbidding head coverings on the House floor. If you think that’s the last change she wants to make, you’d better think again. Pelosi should strip her of her committee assignments and, if she continues these antics, the House should expel her. It’s the right thing to do.

Let’s not allow these hostile and wrong thinkers to dominate the debate with their trivial comments about letting people say hateful things about Jews because we have free speech. Free speech is designed to let our enemies speak so we may know who they are. Now we know.   

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