John-John grew up into a strikingly handsome man. He was flying in his own aircraft at night during very clear weather. He was a very, very competent pilot. It crashed under mysterious circumstances and the investigation by the government and the payment of $15 million 1999 dollars to the family of his wife and sister-in-law was for, …. what?

John-John Kennedy was the third Kennedy murdered. JFK Jr. as he became known was the son of JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier, the nephew of JFK’s brother RFK and was most likely unconscious when his aircraft plunged into the deep water of the Southeastern coast of Martha’s Vineyard. The only surviving photo of the re-assembled pieces recovered by the U.S. Navy show that the cabin was blown outwards and the right wing was blown off by an explosive inside the cabin. The right front passenger seat is missing. The fuselage is blown outward in the area of the right passenger seat and the root of the right wing. . 

The control tower at Martha’s Vineyard airport  has a very powerful and bright rotating beacon that shows alternating white and green colored beams that are easily seen from a great distance. Kennedy was heading to the beacon when his plane exploded. Most likely he was killed from the concussion of the explosion. His body was immediately cremated to avoid anyone noticing he was killed by an explosion. Very mysterious circumstances  surrounding the subsequent government investigation and the production of massive amounts of FAKE NEWS that are the envy of government’s everywhere and the cause of the mis-direction and propaganda campaign ever since. 

See: book #1. Exploding the Truth: The JFK, Jr. Assassination;  book #2. JFK JR Murdered: Cover-up & Conspiracy to Kill JFK Jr. and  book #3. The Assassination of JFK Jr. -Murder By Manchurian Candidate as well as the article, item  #4.The Broken Presidential Destiny of JFK, Jr. which includes the photo of the re-constructed aircraft that shows the missing right wing and the outward buckled fuselage.