The success of Affirmative Action on the black community, the excessive media, entertainment and educational attention directed towards blacks have had a tremendous effect on the black community which has advanced rapidly and its had an opposite effect on the communities of other races. This is all good if you are a Liberal who sees the injustice of America being corrected. All good if you are on the Left and enjoy the power of government being used in a good way to address injustice. Suppose you’re wrong?

What is the effect upon the non-black raced Americans many of whom are forced to support and pay for the injustice? What indeed. Apparently an insufficient quantity of noticers is available to cause or to coalesce an anti-movement against the present leftist culture and the Liberal sub-culture which refuses to admit and enjoys the submission to the slow genocide. The Grammy’s support the thesis. Coming Apart by Charles Murray, infamous of the Bell Curve offers loads of similar information. The alarm bells are sounding. Get Yourself Woke.