It’s a book so it’s beyond those about whom it’s written. Bikers are certainly not about books. Bikers are on the move. Books must be stationary. Different worlds.

Motorcycles are vastly different than cars. It’s unnerving to be travelling very fast and to see the road a few inches below your feet. Downright dangerous and not for most people.
Then there’s the bikers. Supreme insiders who know they are different; know people look at them different; live different and like it. Love it in fact. But, it’s not the life for most people who ride inside their cars which the old bikers used to refer to as china closets.

It’s difficult to drive when the people in the china closets have no idea that a biker is near them. They are unaware because they expect to see other cars and trucks, not motorcycles which are still rare, on the road.

Bikers are different. Being inches away from death makes them different. Makes life more important, more valuable. Enjoying life is a big part of what motorcycles are about. It’s been decades since my days in the motorcycle club but the experiences are still vivid. It seems like yesterday.

The Wildcat… Started as a ’41/61 and became the first and only chopper around Philly.

Yes, it was like yesterday is a cliche but it’s also the truth. For me the ride isn’t over;… the joy still lives and the fun can never die.