It matters little to most people that it’s been ten years since one of the craziest airports closed. It figured very prominently in my China days. In 1976 Hong Kong was British. Americans needed a visa to get into China so the procedure was to go to the China Embassy in Hong Kong, give them your passport and wait about a week to get a visa to enter China.

Hong Kong was the biggest surprise to me in 1976 for many, many great reasons. I enjoyed it so much that years later wife and I went there and did more of what I did the first time. Buy stuff. Hong kong was essentially duty free. An Omega Speedmaster cost $235 US. Today in King of Prussia mall it’s $8,000.

Hong Kong is really a city called Kowloon that’s across the Hong Kong harbor from Hong Kong Island. The Star Ferry cost $0.10, ten cents back then and the ride to Hong Kong Island was great. A friend from Switzerland had an apartment on Hong Kong Island that was expensive and had a great view of Kowloon.

It was safe to walk around most places in Kowloon and Hong Kong island back then. There was train service that went thru a tunnel to get to the island. Cabs were always available and cheap. the hotels were terrific. the best was the Peninsula. My digs were the Hong Kong hotel right by the ferry terminal. 

If anyone gets a chance to stop over in Hong Kong it’s well worth it. It’s been 42 years since my first visit and if the chance comes  to go there, I’m on it.

A ticket to go around the world is simple to organize, Go to Singapore. From there you can continue to stop at more cities and go right around. Start in the US. Go to maybe Korea, Japan, Hong Kong then Singapore. then on to Europe, maybe Athens, Rome, Paris and home. Your cost is the ticket to Singapore.