There are five Northampton township supervisors. One just announced he resigned and once again that’s an opportunity for the members of the local political machine to show off their abilities. If you are qualified you can apply for the position but if you are really the most qualified you are assured because you already know, . . . you will be appointed.

The rest of the people, the rest of the voters, have no idea who will be 100% unanimously approved. That’s the way it works because that’s the way it’s always worked in Northampton. No Archangels or tea party types will appear in Richboro to support the most qualified person because no one in the tea party has any interest in going against the real political party in Northampton township and all the Archangels must be busy elsewhere in the universe because no angels have been in Northampton for a long, long time. LOL

Any booing and hissing you hear comes from a very small group of very qualified replacement supervisors who know how Northampton politics really works. They, we, will have to wait while the four remaining Supervisors breathlessly announce the appointment of their new best friend while gaslighting the rest of us. That’s how it works and there’s no chance it will change no matter how hard some people try. I know that from personal experience that hasn’t left me bitter but which did teach me a lesson. I lose. They win and the absence of an Archangel is, again, expected.