In the second debate we saw how Obama got ahead: Bluff, Bluster, Cheat and Lie. Obama had help in his life by the race based policies Liberals managed to use to get past the Constitution. Those are grouped into Affirmative Action. It’s a way to tilt the playing field so one team can run downhill while forcing the other team to run uphill.

In the second debate Obama had the help of Candy Crowley and another rule-breaker, Michelle Obama.  Those were big advantages. We were surprised during the second debate by Obama consantly breaking the Debate Rules. Debates have rules just like life does. The rules are used to make the debate just. Obama, Crowley and Michelle broke them. Obama:  when he constantly talked when he was supposed to be quiet; when he refused to answer honestly; when he refused to play by the rules and be quiet when Mitt Romney tried to answer questions; when Romney tried to play fair.

When Romney’s good manners tried to accomodate Obama’s boorish and overbearing violations of the debate rules and the rules of decent behavior, Romney was traveling into a headwind. Obama had the wind at his back because of his unfairness and his rule breaking.

Obama won the Presidency with back-alley rule breaking. That was displayed at the second debate. Obama broke the rules at Columbia and Harvard. He got away with it. He broke the rules in Chicago to get elected. He ignored the rules as a community organizer, just as community organizers had been doing for hundreds of years.

Obama follows the Marxist line. Marx is all about breaking rules. Marx spawned community organizers. Obama’s community organizing was designed to take advantage of unfair, unjust, un-American, un-Constitutional, race-based laws. Affirmative Action was purposely designed to make the rules unfair and life unjust for some and they worked. Hopefully they won’t work much longer. Affirmative Action was not to make things fair. Affirmative Action is unjust because it provides advantages for some while disadvantaging others. 

Affirmative Action created unjust debt for America. Obama’s community organizing took advantage of the unfair rules of Affirmative Action. Americans are not rule breakers, We reject rule breaking. That’s why there are criminal laws. We are not accustomed to playing against rule breakers.  We use referrees who are supposed to be fair, Crowley was unfair.

We are accustomed to playing on a level field. Obama is not. That’s why he  took advantage of unfair tactics in the second debate. He knew he would get away with it just as he had been getting away with it since his college days, days with mediocre marks. Obama will lose the third debate. Romney will be ready for this National Trickster who married another trickster who also broke the rules during the debate by clapping when the rules specifically forbid clapping. Two rule breakers. Two creatures created by the unconstitutional use of race to get ahead. America is about playing by the rules.

America is about playing on a level field. America is not about cheating to win. Obama is. Obama has been playing against America. Romney, hopefully can defeat Obama by playing by the rules. Romney needs to win the election for America.

According to the rules both campaigns agreed to, or the memorandum of understanding (MOA), there is to be no clapping from members of the debate audience.
The rule: Article 9, Section A, Subsection 7: “All members of the debate audience will be instructed by the moderator before the debate goes on the air and by the moderator after the debate goes on the air not to applaud, speak, or otherwise participate in the debate by any means other than by silent observation, except as provided by the agreed upon rules of the October 16 town hall debate.”

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