Tom DeWeese said in 2006 that “Thie House believes that the United Nations is a dead loss.” Four years later President Obama paid the bills that were contested by several past Presidents. Speaker DeWeese also said: “The world is in chaos and it’s the U.N.’s fault.  It gives validity to zealots and petty bigots. It helps keep tyrannical dictators in power. It gives a voice to international terrorists. It’s the reason North Korea remains a threat after 50 years. It’s the reason Robert Mugabe is able to steal his election and then steal the land of white property owners, drive the nation into economic ruin and starvation — without an international protest, boycott or sanction. Instead, Mugabe is given a voice in a UN conference in South Africa. It’s the reason why the Chinese government is able to ignore UN rules not to it’s liking — while growing as an international military and economic threat. And it’s the reason why a terrorist organization like Syria can be given a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council.” See it (Here).

That’s what Obama supports. Obama’s sins of support are so colossal they almost defy description but the basis of his support is his agreement with the petty tyrants and tin horn dictators who have credibility because of the U.N.  Obama’s mission to degrade America continued on September 24th at the UN when he blamed the actions of an American citizen for causing a riot when he knew that was false. It was Terrorism and Obama knew it. The citizen has been jailed. That’s how the KGB would have handled the situation too. Obama did it because he wanted to support his false narrative that his foreign policy is a success.  It’s not. He’s not and we are worse for him being President.

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