May 152018

He really hates, hates, HATES President Trump because Trump is non-black… Lee, who endorsed Sanders’s 2016 run, told Variety in an interview. “Look, you got Putin. You got the other crazy guy in North Korea and this other crazy guy, Agent Orange…..

How about we call Lee some demeaning name or names to get back at him for his Hatred of Ameridca because the majority of Americans aren’t black like Lil Spike  just like he calls the president of the United States “crazy guy Agent Orange”? Lil Spike Is Some Kind of Intellectual Dwarf. Lee launched a profanity-filled tirade against President Donald Trump at the Cannes Film Festival and actually called him a typical black epithet, a “MotherFu**er”. How un-original is this hateful little guy? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lee’s film drew a 10-minute standing ovation following its world premiere. How hateful of America are these Left Wing drones who fly in unison like little birds of a feather. Nut jobs?
If you care and dare to think for yourself and speak your mind, there’s nothing of value to be gained from listening to the populist right or the progressive left, or from people like the bullshit waterfall Lil Spike Lee.