May 152018

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s conservative-Christian Fidesz-KDNP coalition won a two-thirds supermajority in parliamentary elections on April 8th, and ran on a patriotic platform of sovereignty, protecting the country’s borders, and stopping intervention from large, foreign NGOs. The Carolina Panthers Owner stupid David Tepper just said in effect he hates President Trump so many North Carolinian’s will not go to the stadium to watch the Panthers. Speaking of Trump, Tepper said, “Whether I like the person or not I’m not going to get into that — although I did call him a demented, narcissistic scumbag”.

Tepper is set to become the newest NFL team owner after paying a record $2.2 billion to buy the Carolina Panthers. However, his addition amongst the league’s majority owners brings yet another Trump-hater into a business that has seen fans abandoning it in droves due to left-wing stupidities.  

 Orban said: ‘We Will Build a 21st Century Christian Democracy, Not Rebuild a Shipwrecked Liberal Democracy’” and “Orban in Poland: The West Never Experienced Communism, So Can’t Understand Eastern Europe”. Well Orban never saw a Crucifixion so how can he understand…..wait…..this is getting silly like Orban. People know about a lot of things they have never seen because that’s how words and books expand an individuals knowledge ….. unless they are stupid hate-driven like a addle brained plague rat like David Tepper.