Cornel West is raging on and on about the problems of white supremacy but he utterly failed to identify twhat he’s really talking about. Is it the inventions that were not developed in Africa? Is it the weapons not developed in Africa?  West went on: “We’ve (meaning black people) got to fight white supremacy is all of its forms,” West replied after a “Save Our Sons: Stop the Killing” and “Condemn Donald Trump” National Black Men’s Convention march and rally organized by former New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice, on Saturday outside the White House. The problem for West is everyone is for justice and against  senseless killing but those aren’t problems in a white culture. Those are problems that need to be fought in the black neighborhoods and everyone supports that fight. West is agitated but he’s aimed himself in the wrong direction.

West went on: “Never isolate white supremacy from capitalism. Never isolate capitalism from colonialism and imperialism and let us bring our critiques to bear on patriarchy.” That’s all so easy to unpack. Capitalism has nothing to do with whites being superior than others or is West just pushing for Socialism which has failed everyplace it’s been tried?

While it’s true that Europeans colonized loads of places and peoples around the globe it doesn’t mean it was evil or even bad to introduce Capitalism which is simply a trade based system, usually trading money for goods. Black people certainly benefit when there are more things being sold because it means they can buy more things for themselves. More things means a better life.

West said white supremacy tries to tell African-Americans that black freedom is a “pipe dream, that black history is a curse, that black hope is a joke and that black love is a crime.” West knows white people support history including black history. He also knows black hope is the same as white hope so demonizing white people because they want hope just like black people is whats called a falsehood. West should know better than to fib like that.

In the end, white people cannot help nor should they apologize for being white. West should be honest and tell black people that. He needs to define what he’s talking about otherwise his reputation will suffer. .