The Clintons Are Disturbed. If there’s a gene for lying Hillary has it.

*She lied about her e-mail server,

*about Vince Foster,

*about White-Water,
*about Filegate:
*about Travelgate:
*about the Rose Law Firm’s Billing Records

*her $100 grand from one grand in a year in the stock market and

*thousands of other things almost her entire life.

If she becomes President her middle name will change to one of the worst rogues in History. That would be Lucifer to whom one of her early hero’s dedicated his book: “Rules for Radicals”. She almost went to work for him. Alinsky, not Lucifer. 

Hillary would be the worst President in the history of the nation, worse even than Obama. Bill Clinton told Monica he called her: “Hilla the Hun” and the Hun wasn’t short for honey because Hillery has nothing honey-like about herself.
From throwing pots, pans and pandemonium during her last stay at the White House she turned on just about every man in her life and her continued marriage to Bill Clinton has turned into something unmentionable and that causes her to surround herself with women, not men which puts her support of women into a strange un-feminine place. She’s not a lesbian but she doesn’t like men. Why should she? Men have treated her wrong so much that it’s understandable why she heads for the women. That’s not normal. Neither is she.

What a mess her mind is. Her Benghazi Lying Incident that went on for weeks was a massive set of lies, bigger than Hurricane Patricia, the biggest hurricane to hit North America. The woman is so impressed with herself that she went on Rachel Maddow and bragged that she beat the rap at the Benghazi Investigating Committee where she admitted she didn’t send any e-mails from her office at the Dept of State because she had no computer in her State Dept office.

This High-Tech Midget probably had someone at her home doing all of the typing on her exposed computer which was hacked more times than a $2 prostitute but I’m giving away my opinions of Hillary.

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