Mar 062018

To show that you support the American Constitution especially the Second Amendment. 

To show you respect people.

People who hate guns usually hate other people too. Very few people are actually evil. In fact most people are law abiding. Most people love someone even those who don’t say it. If they are Republican they didn’t hate Obama and if they are Democrat they don’t hate Trump. 

Join the NRA to show you understand this Liberty and Freedom stuff. 

To show you know the difference between guns and criminals. The NRA is against killing people as most people are. Normal people should support other normal people. No need to gush all over other people but no need to believe others are out to get you. Take reasonable precautions to stay away from danger. Count your change to make sure someone else counted it correctly and most of the time you do get the correct change. Allow for human error. People do make mistakes and they want to get things right, ….just as you do. 

It’s a good world.