Roundly condemning the Rotten Republican Officials who are piling on the Parsons for trying to defend and to pay for any problems their barn caused, the Courier Editors agree with Supervisor Rothermel’s ideas to end the blood-letting by Republican Officials and leave the Parson’s in peace. We agree, except what was allegedly wrong didn’t hurt anyone except the Parsons who decided to defend themselves when the Northampton Republican Majority Supervisors took them to court.

Maybe you feel that any violation of an ordinance should be published but recall in this case that a Bucks County Judge agreed with the Parsons and in effect ruled: “No Harm, No Foul”  and “No Foul, No Penalty”. That wasn’t good enough for the Rotten Republican Majority who got Two Republican State Judges to step up and support the Rotter’s. So back it went to the Rotten Republican Commissioners who supported the Rotten Township Republicans and try to order the Parsons to destroy the barn.

As Supervisor Rothermel wisely said: “and destroying the barn helps how?” The Editors at the Courier agreed. The editorial board is not the opinion of only one editor. It’s the opinion of ten people. Three of the members of the editorial board are civilians picked almost at random from the community so the Editorial Board has people on it who are not from Northampton; have no ax to grind,;nothing to gain nor any position to protect so they are inclined to identify if something is right or not. In this case they agreed with Rothermel not the Republicans. Leave the Parson’s alone.

We hope this is over. It should be. 

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