For believing and writing that Northampton Supervisor, Doctor Kim Rose is “fluff and mist”.

Is He the Worst Northampton Has To Offer?

Farling had the audacity to hide his deep Insider Republican connections to the Corrupt Republican regimes that appointed him to his do-nothing job as a Sewage Boarder. What’s the truth about this Insider Republican Committeeman who broke the Republican Rules when he was elected by the cheaters in the Republican party? Ed Farling is the darling of the bad Republicans in Northampton. Rank and file Republicans should steer well-clear of this party apparatchik and his fellow travellers in corruption.

Farling wrongly blames Supervisor Frank Rothermel for “rewards for the party faithful at the expense of good government”. But Frank Rothermel has appointed opposition party members to key township positions unlike Farling’s sponsor who appointed no Democrats in 28 years.

Farling wrongly blames Supervisor Frank Rothermel for turncoat politician Evan Stone’s exit from the township planning commission when Stone’s appointment was finished. Stone’s exit was the result of his appointment by the Republican Komelasky regime. An appointment is not forever. Frank Rothermel praised Stone and thanked him at a Supervisors meeting then Stone condemned Frank for not re-appointing him to the expired term. The reason Stone term expired was not Frank Rothermel’s doing as Farling, incorrectly assumes and as he seems to believe.  Stone was no longer on the Planning Commission because his term was over. Blame the term. Blame Komelasky’s Republicans who lost three supervisor seats but don’t lie and blame Rothermel for something done when the Republican regime was in power. 

Next Farling blames Rothermel for not assigning the Sewage Board the responsibility to install the water lines in the West End where the Republicans ignored the poison in the water for over 20 years. Farling knows the sewage board doesn’t install water lines. It only handle the water. The pipes are always installed by the township and in this case the sewage board has simply acted political and refused to take over the water lines. Farling knew that before he wrote his lie about the township not giving the sewage board the job.   ……continued

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