Those who know about John Galt, the fictional hero of Capitalism need to compare Mitt Romney’s principles with Galts. Galt is fictional and his values that lead to Capitalism are listed in Galts Speech in the novel and upcoming movie version of “Atlas Shrugged”. Romney is cut from the same cloth with the difference that Romney is real and here now. Galt and many of the hero’s of the fictional novel support and explain Capitalism, the correct, unregulated version. Romney is a fierce Capitalist even though he worked within the system of regulation. He would have no chance of being elected if he were John Galt. Even so, Romney is a Successful Capitalist on a huge scale. His election will move America foreword in the judgment and the chagrin of the Socialist world. Romney is not a Socialist. He is hugely sociable, friendly, mannerly and capable. The perfect candidate to oppose Obama, the Left and his adoring media cheerleaders.  

Romney delt with entire businesses as most people deal with products. That’s Capitalism writ large. Galt acheived fame by getting the people who ran the world, the business leaders to go on strike until the people who need the strikers changed; recognized the right way to do things, then welcomed back the strikers. Romney is a huge Christmas  present to America just when we need him most.

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