The power of the state doesn’t need to be reinforced by the power of the church, at least that was the idea between the Separation of Church and State. The same goes for the power of the Church which should never be reinforced by the power of the State. Easier said than done. The first Congress approved the separation in the Constitution then tossed it away by hiring a Chaplain to lead the members assembled in prayer.

The separation of religion from government never seems to work. Same for whatever else those preoccupied with their religion want to force the rest of us to do. Believe or die. (Motto of the Taliban).

Not content to pray in private, religionists sooner or later want to force everyone else to pray too. The Baptist Church and Sports came together with quarterback Tim Tebow, a devout Baptist who connects everything, as Baptists are wont to do, including football with prayer.

OK. Tebow wants to pray. We got it. He however doesn’t get that most people involved with a football game want to watch Tebow do his football stuff, not his prayer stuff. He’s extreme. We don’t like extreme. We don’t even like the middle if it involves public prayer but Tebow and others of his ilk don’t much care about us. He want’s to pray so he throws consideration of others overboard, gets down on one knee, bows his head and all that and prays while the rest of us are forced to watch.

Sure we could turn away but that won’t do. With Tebow it’s the prayer, not the people. Before the 2008 season even started, Tebow had his name pulled from consideration for the Playboy Preseason All-American team because it conflicted with his Christian beliefs as though there’s something wrong with an organization based on exploiting great looking women. Tebow’s a great athlete but he refused to stop with the Jesus stuff.

Same for Philadelphia coach Charles “Chip” Kelly who just hired “Praying Quarterback” Tim Tebow. A Philadelphia pretzel maker designed a pretzel in the shape of Tebow down on one knee and sold 70 in an hour. On the other hand, this was found on the ‘net: “he’s the same jump-passing Jesus loon he’s always been.”

Tebow is a great athlete, probably among the best ever. He’s fiercely competitive in a fiercely competitive sport. His skills are top notch and he plays with an intensity that’s a pleasure to watch. As long as he does that, he’s an asset to the Eagles. If he goes all Jesus on us, it’s time to send him away because he’s preoccupied in a sport that demands mental focus.

Coach Kelly can hire a chaplain. It would be cheaper than hiring a quarterback. But religion and football are just like religion and government. They need to be kept in their place.

OTOH, if Rev. Jeremiah Wright can pass better than Tom Brady, lets go get him.

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