Obama is displayed as a “cool customer” by the swooning left but recall the plot of “The Emperors New Clothes” about the King who was swindled into believing he was wearing “invisible clothes” when he was naked. So with Obama who believed the media about his wondrous but invisible great performances as President. When confronted by Mitt Romney, Obama’s false facade disappeared. His real nature came through. So Obama reverted to his fictional image which assured him that fictional Romney was lying. Of course real Romney was telling the truth.

Romney won the debate because he is a better leader than Obama. When Obama told Romney that companies who relocate outside of America are paid to move, Romney said he had been in business for 25 years and he didn’t know what Obama was talking about.  That’s because no government program pays a company to move outside America. Even though Obama and the Left “Know in Their Hearts” that government pays companies to move out of America, their hearts, heads and facts are wrong. The Emperor has no Clothes because there is no payment.  


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