Socialism means redistribution of money from earners to shirkers but Obama is also about Black-Race-Centered politics. The use of race-hatred to win elections is a new phenomenon in human history. Obama invented it. He’s been using it since his college days at Columbia and Harvard, during his Saul Alinsky race-based Community Organizing and his unequivocal support of  Reverand Jerimiah Wright who divides Christianity into “White Christianity” and “Black Christianity”, a division that’s behind his condemnation of America. (Here). Michelle is also Afro-Centric, having not been proud of America most of her life. Her senior thesis demanded hiring based on race, not ability. For Obama race is one of his dog-whistles to African-Americans.

Obama is also the first American President to use the politics of Race, Gender and Class to whip-up hatred of America. Obama is a leader of the New Left. His condemnation of the rich, one of Karl Marx’s foundational principles for Communism feeds into his swindle-politics-of-the-desperate to get their votes. Obama’s political mis-use of Gender follows his political motivated mis-use of Race and Class.

For the record. These comments are about Obama’s misuse of Race, Gender and Class to divide Americans. The proper use of R_G_C  can, should and must unite people but that requires Obama to be something he is not,i.e., diplomatic. What he is is a bully, using power to achive what he is unable to achieve by persuasion. Nor is Obama a statesman, in the correct and moral use of the concept, so he lacks the ability to unite people. It’s his fault because by this stage of his life he should have raised his head and studied the whole world. Obama is a disgrace who needs to be shown what was not shown to him by his dysfunctional parents.   

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