Say “Romney Won” because that’s what happened. Romney was better because Romney is better. The media refuse to acknowledge Romney won because of his knowledge, chrisma, charm and mostly his extensive abilities. A debate for him is just another conversation and an opportunity to explain what’s wrong with America, – Obama, and how to fix it, -elect Mitt.

Thinking Obama was not at his best or he was tired or that he should have prepared better misses the point that Romney had the skill set needed to win. This was Romney’s win over the real Obama.

Excusing Obama shows a bias for Obama. Virtually no one is listing the attributes of Romney and that’s wrong. Romney is a seasoned manager on a large scale. Romney has successfully managed enterprises. Bain Capital was founded by Romney with two partners and grew into an enourmously successful enterprise. Romney and company ran a business that ran multiple businesses. (Here).

Romney is an American Success Story; a story that could only happen in America because of the American Market. That market has been held back; held down; over-regulated, penalized and even condemned by the Democratic Party in their party platform. The reigning idea of Obama is to promote class envy. Next he promotes division along race and gender lines. lastly he disrespects America so much that has weakened America’s International footprint, placed American Embassies in danger; cancelled effective security and his policies resulted in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three additional men in Benghazi, Tunisia along with attacks on 20 American embassy’s in foreign countrues. Obama’s Foreign Policy has disgraced America so much that tin-horn gang leaders now launch attacks and destroy American property around the world.

Obama lost to Romney just as Obama lost for America and we are all worse off because of the failed Obama Presidency. Lets hope the voters will change that and give Romney the win on November 6.

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