The Obama administration got it wrong about the terror attacks in Benghazi. Instead of blaming an American for abusing the American Principle of Free Speech; instead of supporting the American idea of Freedom of Expression, Obama who obviously does not grasp the essence of America, encouraged the Terrorists by agreeing they had a legitimate reason to murder Ambassador Chris Stevens. Obama’s words and deeds since 9/11/12 violated his oath to protect and defend America while he kow-towed to terrorists. The man lacks Courage. He’s devoid of Integrity.

What did he say? See one set of his remarks here.

What should Obama have said? Simply this.

It is a bedrock belief of America that each citizen will be protected from harm especially from harm by terrorists. We believe this and we pledged to protect each citizen regardless of how they choose to express themselves. Fair Warning: we will protect and defend each American and will hunt down and kill terrorists who murder our citizens.

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