Worse than Watergate, Obama is flirting with Impeachment. Watergate never covered up murders or attacks against America. Watergate was benignly  political. BenghaziGate is a metastasizing criminal cover-up that involves not only the White House but the Department of State, the National Security Advisor, the American Ambassador to the United Nations and a fawning media, still in a teenage like swoon over their idol Obama. Watergate, by comparison is kindergarten because the media who opposed Nixon are ACTIVELY ASSISTING the BenghaziGate cover-up. The Obama Adminstration and the Mainstream Media hope to run the clock until after the election when the cover-ups will have worked but had no effect. It’s the biggest dirty political story since Castro covered up his Communism.  

BenghaziGate is a wide conspiracy. It’s not just White House, the Department of State, te U.N., & the Worldwide Mainstream Media. It includes Russia and China, all of whom want Obama to win so bad they joined the international conspiracy.  This is disgusting, immoral and criminal because it’s covering up assassinations.  

Proof? Within hours of Sept. 11, 2012 U.S. Intelligence overheard al-Qaeda combatants celebrating their attack, (Breitbart, here). More proof? Ambassador Stevens personal diary; state department cables, and the physical evidence of the RPG’s. More? The secret location of the “safe house” where the staff went for their safety that was known to the enemy. This was a preposterous set of crimes that could have and should have been prevented. The failure to protect innocent American lives breached Obama’s duty. The cover-up in the investigation of Obama by the Obama Adminstration is itself a series of felonies.

Here’s the really Un-American base of the Obama adminstration revelaed in all it’s slime. The Obama Adminstration arrested the innocent creator of the video. Obama should be impeached.

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