Deepening socialist twilight can be fatal but recovery is possible 

Universal Health Care is compulsory medicine. About that there is no argument. It is arguably the worst legislation since the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, and the voters know it.

Doctors face punishment including jail for disobeying government. Patients can expect longer waiting time for medical care. Waiting to get treatment can be painful. Waiting means more suffering. Longer waiting means more anxiety, especially for fatal diseases like cancer, meningitis or even measles but there is something worse than longer waiting.

As the more competent doctors and nurses leave medicine because they cannot abide  “medicine controlled by government accountants and bureaucrats”. Government statisticians decide which procedures the doctors are permitted to use. The best doctors will not work under those restrictions so are exposed to death from second-rate treatment.

Government provides no medicine. Obamacare is not “new medicine”. It is not medicine at all. It’s the restriction of medicine. Government cannot provide what it doesn’t have but it can forbid medicine. Prohibition is the centerpiece of all regulations. Fundamentally, “Universal Health Care” means government now controls your doctor.

UHC eliminated the market for medicine. Government tells the doctors what kind of treatment you are permitted to receive. Obamacare, like Hillarycare is about control. Control of doctors is ominous. Doctors need to decide what to do, not be told what to do by some bureaucrat or statistician.

Some say ObamaCare means “Society Pays.” Socialism is about society. It’s the power of society to order people around. I don’t like being pushed around. Maybe you do but I don’t.

 I want to be able to decide what I do. Maybe you have better ideas. Fine. You can run your life according to your ideas. You can’t run mine.

 I follow the right rules. I don’t need you to tell me what to do. You can figure out what you want to do but your power over me or anyone else stops with you. That’s a key attribute of socialism. You get to tell other people what to do. You have power over the actions of others.

But there is no such thing as society, only individuals and families. There is no group that you can point to and say: “this is society”.

The word society has many meanings but it’s not about medicine at all medicine by compulsion. Everyone must obey. There’s no way out. Doctors must limit treatment as ordered by power-mad bureaucrats; patients must accept whatever care they get and taxpayers must pay for everything including what’s good, bad or indifferent.

Government does not provide medicine. Government forces people to accept an offer but they can’t refuse. They face a false choice where they lose either way: obey or be punished. That’s like punish yourself or we’ll do it for you.

Government is not medicine. Government cannot provide medicine but it can provide penalties and punishments. Medicare currently rations some procedures and will not pay for others, Universal Health Care will ration more procedures. Even though hospitals must treat patients because of the law, they do not have to drop everything and treat them first so they are often told to wait while other patients are treated before them.  It’s called sit-care.

Behind every smiling bureaucrat supposedly helping there is the threat of penalty or punishment. Access to Health Care often means access to a waiting list. In Sweden access to a heart stent takes 25 weeks. In England 900,000 are waiting to access a hospital and access to a hip replacement requires a painful wait of one year. Waiting too long for medical service kills people so add murder to the list of potential Obamacare problems.

Health-mandates, like all government mandates force people to comply; to suffer; and submit perhaps to mediocre medical service.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid did this. Democrats did this. Democrats should not win any elections because Universal Health Care is immoral and it will turn hospitals into frightening places because competent doctors will not put up with the nonsense of the bureaucrats.

 Self-respecting doctors will leave compulsory medicine. Competent, capable people cannot exist under compulsion. Informed thought is needed to be a doctor, and no one can be forced to think. Doctors who comply with bureaucrats are indifferent, second level doctors. Those types of people are too dangerous to be doctors.

Worse, medical decisions will be ordered by incompetent butt-kissing bureaucrats mired in bribes, corruption, favoritism, envy, revenge and driven by power lust. The lust for power becomes an acquired taste for bureaucrats who never should be in a position to decide whether a person waits, suffers or dies.

Forcing people to obey or suffer a penalty is the way armed criminals operate; — “your wallet or your life”. UHC was passed based on frauds, lies, deceptions, and worst of all; massive bribes were paid to get it passed. UHC made mobsters look like amateurs.

Maybe stealing by government isn’t a crime but it should be. UHC is an elaborate set of cunning schemes. No one keeps track of transactions, just overall statistics for political purposes. Congress even bribed each other to pass it. Political bribery is immoral, wicked and depraved. The Democrats who did this and the President should be ashamed.

The ends do not justify the means. That’s a moral principle. Taking money and giving it to doctors and hospitals to help the poor or to help everybody sounds nice but the taking is what is not allowed. It’s not nice to take money (the means) regardless of the good it can do (the ends).

Taking is theft. UHC is a massive taking scheme. Call it taxes, investment in the community, or any other set of tricky words but it’s wicked and the work of twisted, evil people.

UHC means government has control of patients, doctors, hospitals and drugs because Senators, Judges, Presidents and lawyers learned they could trick people under color of law.

America is in a deepening twilight — where things seem normal. Behind the scenes politicians  and tricksters are busy. The political/legal system is massively broken and after trying for a hundred years government finally has broken the medical system.

Good morals, freedom and a market can fix this corrupt, broken system.

Meanwhile, who could vote for Democrats?

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