NJ Turnpike workers have been operating a cesspool of corruption, defrauding the Turnpike of toll money and padding their salaries, medical and retirement benefits according to Matt Boxer the state Comptroller. They collected more than tolls. An Inspector walked away with almost $400,000.00 when he retired and a cool $73,000.00 a year pension. Who was cheated? Every NJ chump taxpayer and everyone who paid higher tolls because the government simply raised them in 2008 and will raise them again in 2013. Does it do you any good to know about this? That’s up to you. If you can figure out something to do to let it be known how wrong behaviors like this are, maybe write a letter to Governor Christie or call the State Attorney General and complain, maybe the Turnpike will be penalized and the tolls will be lowered.

Don’t say that what you do doesn’t make a difference. Nothing happens until you do something. Just do something. It can and will make a difference.

Bill O’Neill

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