It’s called the Barkley Effect. White people tell pollsters they will vote for an African-American candidate then on election day they vote for the white candidate. It happened in the 1982 election campaign of African American Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley who was ahead in the voter polls then lost the election.

People give pollsters the answer they feel they are expected to give. Political Correctness causes the phenomenon. Similar effects have been noted in other races. The Spiral of Silence describes the process when people perceive they are in the minority so they stay silent to avoid problems with the majority. As people perceive their opinion as the minority they refuse to speak against the majority opinion. The process spirals as the popular opinion gets increasingly popular and the minority opinion becomes increasingly overwhelmed.

That’s what’s going on in the Election Polls. Some of the responders purposely give pollsters the answers they feel are politically correct, meaning the popular opinions so the voters mislead the pollsters and the data, the polls, become corrupted. That’s why Romney appears to have less support than he actually has while Obama appears to have more support then he actually has. On election day the truth will surprise the pollsters when Obama loses. 

The Anti-Romney Backlash will take root as the election reports are publicised. Romney will be confronted with the politically correct label of racist as the Left Wing Obama Loving Media begin their dark dance of lies against Romney just as they have been doing against Bush.

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