Why is President Obama lying about the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks? Simple, really. He wants to win re-election and if it becomes known that his dumb policy: “be nice to Terrorists and they will stop being Terrorists” is discovered by people who voted for him in 2008, they will not vote for him in 2012.

The President of  Libya contradicted Obama and his White House Spokesman Carney, said the Terror Attacks that assassinated American Ambassador Chris Stevens were not caused by the video (here). Obama told the American people the video caused the Terror Attacks. That’s now known to be false. Obama told us the murders were spontaneous but it’s now known that’s false too. Obama repeated his lies at the United Nations so now he has lied to the entire world. Obama is ambitious and is willing to lie to get re-elected. He lied TO GET elected so that proves he lies. Obama’s lies seem pathological. Probably becuse he’s been hiding the truth about himself to himself so his morality is no longer centered. Shame.

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