He was bad with foreign policy but thinks he can “inspire and empower people to change the world” without realizing that his change kind of change is wrong. Obama is about as bad as it can get. He failed to support Europe after the Islam based attacks in Paris where he refused to go to Paris. He wasn’t too proud to beg for European support when he was running for president but Obama is about Obama, not Europe or the world that he’s divided into two parts so he felt no debt nor obligation to support those from whom he wanted support.
So he’s going to brag at his presidential library in Chicago but President Trump won’t attend. John McCain might but not Sarah Palin or Chancellor Merkel or any European leaders. Obama’s world is the third world so the attendees will come mainly from there. they better bring their checkbooks because Obama only wants their money.

Assessing the Obama legacy
Using his own mileposts, the president has failed

“Securing the historic Paris climate agreement.” Failed.

“Securing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Failed

“Reopening Cuba.” Failed

“Destroying ISIL” and “dismantling al Qaeda.” Failed.

“Ending combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.” Failed.

“Closing Guantanamo Bay.” Failed.

“Rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific region.” Failed.
The anemic “Asia Pivot” failed. The Philippines is now openly pro-Russian and pro-Chinese. or of their autonomy.
“Supporting Central American development.” Failed.

“Strengthening cybersecurity.” Failed.

“Growing the Open Government Partnership.” Failed.

“Honoring our nation’s veterans.” Failed.

“Making sure our politics reflect America’s best.” Failed.

“Protecting voting rights.” Failed.

“Strengthening policing.” Failed.
Lethal attacks on police are soaring.

“Promoting immigrant and refugee integration and citizenship awareness.” Failed.
The southern U.S. border is largely unenforced. Immigration law is deliberately ignored. The president’s refugee policy was unpopular and proved a disaster, as illustrated by the Boston Marathon bombings, the San Bernardino attack, the Orlando nightclub shooting and the recent Ohio State University terrorist violence.

More failures are: Doubling of the U.S. debt in eight years,
the unworkable and soon-to-be-repealed Affordable Care Act,
seven years of anemic economic growth,
record labor nonparticipation,
failed policy resets abroad, and a Middle East in ruins.
So Mr. Obama departed amid the ruin of the Democratic Party detached and without a legacy..

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